Armed Forces Denied Extra Funding As Cash Diverted To ...

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Philip Hammond has suggested Gavin Williamson is yet to get to grips with the complexities of the defence budget as a row between the pair escalated.

An extraordinary briefing war between the Chancellor and the Defence Secretary erupted in recent days over armed forces cuts with Mr Hammond reportedly banned from using a fleet of RAF jets and helicopters until the Treasury settled a bill for his official travel.

Mr Hammond appeared to pour even more fuel on the fire as he suggested that Mr Williamson would want to meet to discuss the defence budget once he fully understood his new brief.

The comments were made by Mr Hammond at a Treasury Select Committee hearing when he also denied reports that he was cutting funding to the armed forces and indicated he would be sympathetic to a request for extra cash.

Mr Hammond said: "There is no question of the defence budget being cut. The defence budget is being increased but I recognise also the defence is facing some pressures, particularly around currency movement. A lot of defence procurement is denominated in US dollars.

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