Deep Fryers Life Span

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I bought my first deep fryer in 2014. I have used it approximately up to 6 times a year. I am wondering if it has hit its life span. When I used it last night to fry batter-fried cod, the heat light didn't stay on very long after reaching its 375 degrees heat. I would heat it up again and then it would go off. It's a Rival plastic encased fryer with a detachable lid with a charcoal filter. Does the heat of a fryer burn out its element after a few years? Or did I just buy a lemon?

I loved the Rival because it's large enough to do a main entree. It's also easy to clean, since it doesn't have lots of parts sticking out everywhere to get greasy. It's also light-weight, which makes washing it easier.

Would love experienced deep-fryers cooks to educate this deep fryer newbie in the scheme of things. I am experienced cook so I know the importance of maintaining that 375 degree temperature consistently to produce top-quality deep-fried foods which are NON-GREASY.

Are there styles of deep fryers that are optimal for consistent quality results?

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Deep Fryers Life Span
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