Indonesia Raises Bali Volcano Threat Alert To Highest ...

Kembali lagi bersama SAYA dalam laporan berita yang kami dapat, berita kali ini adalah Indonesia Raises Bali Volcano Threat Alert To Highest ....

"If it got much worse, it would be really hard to think of. You've got a huge population centre, nearly a million people in Denpasar and surroundings, and it's very difficult to envision moving those people further away," said Richard Arculus, a volcano expert at Australian National University, adding that an eruption in 1843 was even more explosive than the one in 1963.

"There are many examples in history where you have this kind of seismic build-up - steam ejections of a little bit of ash, growing eruptions of ash to a full-scale stratosphere-reaching column of ash, which can presage a major volcanic event," he said.

saya bangga atas kunjungan Antum di blog ini dan membaca tulisan Indonesia Raises Bali Volcano Threat Alert To Highest .... Semoga Bermanfaat dan Selamat membaca berita ini :)
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