Kim Jong Nam\'s Underwear Soiled With Faeces, Trial Told

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SHAH ALAM, Nov 27 — The High Court was today told that the underwear worn by Kim Chol or Kim Jong-nam, the estranged brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un who was alleged to have died due to VX poisoning , was soiled with faeces.

Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) medical forensic consultant, Dr Nurliza Abdullah, 52, who did a post mortem on Kim Chol’s body, said the large amount of faeces found on Kim Chol’s underwear was sign of poisoning.

She said the poisoning signs found on Kim Chol indicated that it was due to the VX nerve agent.

Dr Nurliza was testifying as the 19th witness in the trial of Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, and Vietnamese national Doan Thi Huong, 28, who are charged with four others still at large with murdering Kim Chol, 45, at the Departure Hall of Kuala Lumpur 2 (klia2) at 9 am on Feb 13 this year.

Questioned by deputy public prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin  during examination-in-chief, Dr Nurliza said there was also contraction of the victim’s pupils, which was also a sign of poisoning.

Earlier, Sergeant Shamsul Bahrin Abdullah,  from the klia2 police station, told the court that he contacted the North Korean Embassy at 4.50 pm last Feb 13 on the death of its citizen.

Questioned by deputy public prosecutor Muhamad Iskandar Ahmad, the 18th witness said the call was answered by a man by the name of Kim Yu-song, who is a counselor at the embassy and  able to speak Malay.

“I told Kim Yu that there was a death involving a North Korean citizen by the name of Kim Chol and I also gave the passport number of the deceased, as well as requested for a representative from the embassy to come to the Forensic Department of the Putrajaya Hospital to identify the body.

“Kim Yu did not give any response, except to say ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’. After that, I went to the meeting room at the klia2 police station where I kept the belongings belonging to the deceased and saw a few Special Branch officers in civilian clothing in the room.

 ”One of the Special Branch officers told that that the teacher was a brother of the North Korean leader,” he said and told the court that the information shocked him.

Some time later, Shamsul Bahrin said he received a call from Kim Yu asking where the body was and the post mortem date.

“The following day, at the lobby of the Forensic Department (of Putrajaya Hospital), I saw three Chinese-looking men entered the lobby,   … I heard one of them, who looked elderly introduced himself as Kim Yu at the hospital counter. 

“I then approached him and introduced myself and he responded only by saying ‘thank you,” he said.

The hearing before judge Datuk Azmi Ariffin continues tomorrow. — Bernama

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