Lombok International Airport Is Closed Again Today

Kembali lagi bersama AKU dalam laporan berita yang kami syiarkan, berita kali ini adalah Lombok International Airport Is Closed Again Today.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - General Company of Aviation Navigation Service Provider (Perum LPPNPI) or AirNav Indonesia issued Notice to Airmen (Notam) No B9033/17 regarding the re-closing of Lombok International Airport, Praya on this day from 10:37 WITA until 24.00 WITA.

This closure was caused by the volcanic ash of Mount Agung which again disrupted the flight path to and from Lombok.

The closure of Lombok International Airport is a decision taken by the regulator and forwarded by Airnav Indonesia by issuing NOTAMs.

"Based on coordination with BMKG and PVMBG and observation of Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (DVAAC), volcanic ash from Gunung Agung again disrupted the flight path in the airspace around Lombok, just one reason for the safety of the flight," said Airnav Indonesia Operations Director Wisnu Darjono in its release, Jakarta, Thursday (30/11/2017).

Praya Lombok International Airport had previously closed on Monday morning and re-opened on the same day at 19:50 pm. Due to this closure, the flight plan from and to Lombok had to be canceled.

For example, from Denpasar to Lombok there were eight flights canceled after the NOTAM was issued. "Then from Lombok to Denpasar there are six flights that are canceled," said Vishnu.

He said AirNav Indonesia has prepared a contingency plan to anticipate the increase of the 'watch' status of the mountain with a height of 3,031 meters from sea level. Among others, by preparing at least nine airports as an alternative diversion (diversion).

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