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The North East is one of the few regions which hasn’t seen a snowy Sunday.

With forecasts putting the chances of snow in the region at less than 5%, it seems we’ve been spared, despite the huge flurries which have fallen elsewhere.

Whether it came as a relief or a disappointment, many of our readers may be wondering why they’ve woken up to clear skies - when it’s only days since we reported on forecasts of 1-5cm of snow.

On Friday, the Met Office issued an amber ‘be aware’ warning for heavy snow, which covered the region.

So what has changed?

Met Office spokeswoman Rachael Adshead said: “Snow in the UK is very difficult to forecast, because we are basing our forecasts on very small temperature differences.

“Since we issued the snow warning for the North East, there has been a tendency to pull the snow a little bit further South, and today the emphasis of the snow is in the South - the furthest North it will get is about Humberside.”

The Met Office warnings were revised - making the North East one of the few parts of the country not covered by a yellow or amber alert.

Why is it so hard to predict snow?

The Met Office said it’s challenging to predict when and where snow will fall in the UK.

This is partly because in this country due to the climate there’s a very fine line between whether it will rain or snow. In counties where you can be confident of very low temperatures, it’s easy to predict that any precipitation which does occur will fall as snow - here, just a few degrees hotter or colder could make the difference.

Time is also a factor. As with all weather forecasts the further ahead the prediction, the less reliable it will be.

With snow, the conditions are so marginal that knowing if it will definitely snow in four days time is just not possible.

But it’s worth warning people - in parts of Wales and the Midlands, Sunday has brought as much as 20cm of snow, so a warning which doesn’t come true is often better than leaving people unprepared.

So are we going to see any snow at all?

In the immediate future, probably not. Though a few small, sleety showers are possible later on, we’re more likely to see a clear, cold and dry few days.

Rachael Adshead said: “In the North East, today is going to be a pretty good day: it will be a good deal of dry, sunny and very cold weather - though I couldn’t rule out just one or two snow or sleet showers later on.

“Tomorrow again there will be a good deal of dry and sunny but cold weather around, and we could have some ice around to contend with tomorrow morning, so that’s something to be aware of.”

It is important to wrap up warm though: we’re set to see sub-zero temperatures across the region, with winds making it seem even colder than it is, with the ‘feels like’ temperature as low as -7C in some areas.

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