Pakistan Law Minister Resigns, Ceding To Islamists\' Demand

Kembali lagi bersama SAYA dalam laporan berita yang kami dapat, berita kali ini adalah Pakistan Law Minister Resigns, Ceding To Islamists\' Demand.

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  • ISLAMABAD –  Pakistan's law minister has resigned, caving in to Islamist protesters who have been demanding his ouster in a three-week-long rally near Islamabad.

    Monday's development comes after negotiations with the rally organizers went nowhere.

    Security forces held back from dispersing the protesters on Sunday, after a crackdown the previous day left six dead.

    Zahid Hamid's resignation will likely pave the way for supporters of the Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah party, which is behind the protest, to peacefully disband their sit-in at a key intersection on the edge of the Pakistani capital.

    The Islamists demanded Hamid's resignation over an omitted reference to Islam's Prophet Muhammad in a parliamentary bill. He had earlier apologized for the omission in the bill, saying it was a clerical error that was later corrected.

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