The 8 Things You Might Have Missed This Weekend

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Mourinho was thought to have gone to the door of City’s dressing room to ask their players to show more respect amid apparent disappointment over the way the Premier League leaders were celebrating their 2-1 win, as music blared from the visiting team dressing room.

But a war of words ended up breaking out at that point with Mourinho and Ederson believed to have been yelling at each other in Portuguese as a melee ensued involving players from both sides. 

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7. Ben Duckett banned as Moeen Ali warns future of game is at risk

Moeen Ali has warned England’s behaviour on the Ashes tour is in danger of driving children away from the sport as it emerged the players ignored pleas from captain Joe Root to avoid trouble on the night Ben Duckett threw a drink over James Anderson.

The ECB on Sunday banned Duckett from playing in the remainder of the Lions’ training camp in Australia (three T20 matches), fined him around £1500 and issued a final written warning, although they stopped short of sending him home. In Duckett's defence, he was not part of the full Ashes squad that had been warned about behaviour on tour.

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